Friday, 12 August 2011

Mixed Media painting - Autumn, already

Cold and windy days, more rain than sunshine - people heretake it stoically, "Well what do you expect - this is the English summer!"
Fields have been harvested already, and the lawn is full of leaves - looks like autumn has arrived.
"Autumn, already" (mixed media, 100cm x 70cm)


JacMac said...

Sue, Thanks for your nice comment about my crow series. I enjoyed discovering your blog and art work.

JacMac said...

I live in Portland Oregon...I can relate about the weather. To live here you have to love the rain and clouds and sun breaks when we get them.

Lynn said...

Gorgeous colours, Sue.
We've been pretty grey and bleak here in Munich the last little while. Seeing your painting gave me a lift!

Sue said...

JacMac and Lynn, it is somehow consoling not being the only sufferer of this unclement weather. It's fantastic for the garden though... And the weather here usually changes very quickly, so there's always hope!
Lynn, these colours are a bit daring, but I wanted it to be cheerful and weird. Glad you like them.

Sanja said...

hi Sue,
vielen dank für dein besuch.:-)
thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.
love you work too:-)

Have a nice week
Sanja xox

Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

Hi, Sue ! So glad to meet you in this blogland and this painting is absolutely delightful to me ! Caught my eyes right away ! Thanks for dropping by my blog and hope to get to know you and hop over :D

Sue said...

Sanja and Sung-Hee, thank you so much for stopping by, for the kind comment and joining my blog.