Sunday, 31 July 2011

Beach Art

I am lucky living so close to a wonderful beach which still seems to be a forgotten corner of England. Even in the high season it's never really packed here, despite of miles of broad sandy beaches.
The sea creates it's own unique artworks, every day, using wind, tides and waste, always fascinating me.

Aren't they striking? I'm planning a series of paintings based on pictures like this.
Intimidating, but I'll give it a go.


layers said...

Hi Sue, thanks for stopping by my blog post.. and leaving a lovely comment. I see you live in England by the beach.. I also live by a beach but not the ocean-- my beach is a rocky on an island in the Pacific NW region of the US. I think it will be a great idea for you to do a series of paintings on your beach and all the weathered wonderful stuff found there.

Sue said...

Hi Donna,
thank you for your encouraging comment. I can imagine that you take a lot of inspiration for your wonderful artwork from your surrounding beach...